November 14, 2023

Please note-If you have a question, please email the Clerk or Supervisor so that the Supervisor can have an answer for you.

This meeting will be live streamed.  Go to and click on live stream

6:00 PM Public Comment -Preliminary budget with changes made

7:00 PM Town Board Meeting

Call Meeting to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Public Forum Regarding Agenda Items Only

Comments-old business

Highway Report

Assessor Report

Planning Board Report

Zoning Report

Code Enforcement Report

Resolution- Approve the Town Board Minutes-September 12, 2023

Resolution -Approve the Special Meeting Tent Budget Oct 5-October 5, 2023

Resolution – Approve the Public Hearing Minutes-Code of Ethics-October 10, 2023

Resolution  – Approve the Town Board Meeting-October 10, 2023

Resolution-   Approve the Clerk Report Clerk Report(Oct)

Resolution – Approve to pay claims against the town


1. Resolution to adopt the 2024 Preliminary Budget to final budget

2.  Resolution to adopt the proposed Code of Ethics Law

3.  Resolution to accept the resignation on Sept. 15, 2023 of Dorothy Nolan

4.   Resolution to allow Pam Henry, Deputy Clerk to co-sign on Town Clerk and Tax accounts

5.   Resolution to set public hearing for proposed local law to amend the income eligibility level and the percentage of partial tax exemption for persons sixty years or younger

6.   Resolution to set public hearing for proposed local law to establish the disability exemption and set the income eligibility exemption levels for persons with disabilities and limited outcomes


Board Comments

Public Comments

Agenda subject to change