May 10,2022

PUBLIC HEARING 6:45 PM-Proposed Local Law 1 of 2022 “To increase the term of office of the Town Supervisor from two years to four years.

Town Board Meeting to start immediately after public hearing

Call Meeting to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Public Forum Regarding Agenda Items Only

Presentation -Borrego -Community Wind Project


Highway Report
Assessor Report
Planning Board Report
Zoning Report

Code Enforcement Officer Report
Resolution No. 57-22 Approve minutes of the April 12, 2022 town board meeting
Resolution No 58-22 Approve minutes of the Special Meeting April 19, 2022
Resolution No. 59-22 Approve April Clerk report
Resolution No. 60 -22 Approve Supervisor report Revenue Expense Control Report
Resolution No. 61 -22 Approve to pay claims against the town


  1. Resolution No. 62-22 to accept the audit of the 2020 town books by our CPA firm
    To accept the audit of the 2020 Town books by our CPA Firm, Allied Financial partners acknowledging that the town has reviewed the audit and has addressed findings 2020-001 and 2020-002



  2. Resolution No. 63-22 to authorize the Town Supervisor to sign a Shared Services Agreement with Orleans County Department of Public Works.
    To authorize the Town Supervisor to sign a shared services agreement with Orleans County Department of Public Works. This agreement runs from May 1,2022 to April 30, 2027
  3. Resolution No. 64-22 to allow Highway Superintendent to accept the lowest acceptable bid for replacement of the salt barn roof.
  4. Resolution 65-22 to appoint Candy Koch a Part-Time Code Enforcement Clerk
    The Town Board of the Town of Shelby resolves to appoint Candy Koch to serve as a part-Time Clerk in the Code Enforcement Office to work no more than 15 hours per month at an hourly rate of $15.02 starting, effective May 10, 2022
  5. Resolution No. 66-22 to have all town employees to have a Monday to Sunday pay period. Checks would be paid on Wednesday following the two -week cycle.

Board Comments
Public Comments
Motion to adjourn
Agenda subject to change