Meeting Agenda

May 14, 2019

7:00 PM Town Board Meeting


  • Call Meeting to order
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Public Forum regarding agenda items only
  • Highway Report
  • Assessor Report
  • Planning Board Report
  • Zoning Board Report
  • Code Enforcement Officer Report
  • Historian Report
  • Fire Chief Report

Resolution No.   45-19    Approval of April 9th Meeting Minutes

Resolution No.   39-19     Approval of Town Clerk Report

Resolution No.    40-19     Approval of Supervisor Report

Resolution No.    41-19    Approval to Pay Claims Against Town


  1.  Resolution to Appoint Marion Fry to Zoning Board of Appeals on recommendation from Craig Lacy, Chairman to fill vacancy of Thurston Dale.  This term would end 12/31/2020.
  2. Authorize Supervisor to Sign Amendment B of snow and ice agreement for season 2018/19 due to severe weather.
  3. Resolution to support County Resolution 116-319 – Opposing Governor Cuomo’s 2019 Budget Proposal to expand the New York State Returnable container act to include sport and energy drink bottles, fruit and vegetable beverage drink bottles and ready-to-drink coffee and tea bottles.
  4. Resolution to support County Resolution 123-319 – Opposing adult use cannabis proposal in Orleans County with a request to state lawmakers to take a slow and cautious approach with the intent to protect the health and safety of our residents.
  5. Resolution to support County Resolution 150-319  – Opposing Governor Cuomo’s Red Flag Gun Seizure Proposal.
  6. Resolution to support County Resolution 156-319 – Opposing new legislation that negatively impacts our courts from imposing bail on individuals arrested for crimes or that in any way alters New York State’s current laws with respect to the imposition of bail on a criminal defendant.
  7. Resolution to support County Resolution 159-419 – Opposing driver’s license access and privacy act concerning undocumented individuals.
  8. Resolution to support County Resolution 188-419 – Opposing New York State Senate Bill No. 2837 and Assembly Bill No. 2750 to enact the Farm Worker’s Fair Labor Practices Act.

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