January 14, 2020
7:00 PM-Town Board Meeting

Call Meeting to order
Pledge of Allegiance
Public Forum regarding agenda items only
Highway Report
Assessor Report
Planning Board Report
Zoning Board Report
Code Enforcement Officer Report
Town Historian Report
Fire Chief Report

  • Resolution No. 3-20  Approval of December 10th 2019 Town Board Meeting Minutes, Year End Meeting Minutes of December 27th 2019 and Organizational Meeting Minutes of January 2nd 2020
  • Resolution No. 4-20  Approval of Town Clerk Report
  • Resolution No. 5-20  Approval of Supervisor Report
  • Resolution No. 6-20  Approval to Pay Claims against Town

1. Dave Strong for Boreggo MET Tower

2.  Resolution approving a blanket bond in lieu of an official undertaking for Town of Shelby Justice

3.  Set February Town Board Meeting for February 18th, 2020

Executive Session to discuss a personnel matter


Board Comments
Public Comments

Agenda subject to change