Highway Department Superintendent

Dale Root

Water Superintendent

CJ Woodruff

Water Clerk

Lori Myhill

Every town must have a Highway Superintendent. The Highway Superintendent is a public official who must take and file an official oath of office which must be filed with the Town Clerk. The Highway Superintendent must be a resident of the town.

The duties of the Highway Superintendent include, but are not limited to:

  • Care, superintendence, repair and maintenance.
  • Construct and keep in repair sluices and culverts and cause the waterways, bridges and
    culverts to be kept open.
  • Cause the monuments erected, or to be erected, as the boundaries of town highways, to be
    kept up and renewed so that the extent of such highway boundaries may be publicly known,
    and erect and establish such new monuments as may be required by the county
  • Cause briers, brush and noxious weeds growing within the bounds of town highways to be cut
    and removed between July 15 and August 15, and as many other times as may be deemed
    necessary, in each year.
  • Maintain all sidewalks in the town constructed by the state adjacent to state highways and all
    sidewalks in the town constructed by the county adjacent to county roads and, when authorized
    by the Town Board, cause the removal of snow there from, and the cost thereof shall be paid
    from the miscellaneous or other town funds.

If you see a fallen road sign or believe a road sign is missing or needed within the Town of Shelby, please contact the Town of Shelby Highway Department.

Dale Root
585.798.3120 ext. 306