Based in Orleans County, Shelby is the perfect area to start, move or grow your business. With 46.3 square miles of land, the Town is able to support both large and small businesses while allowing both to prosper together. Established in 1818, named after Governor Shelby, we encourage you to bring your business here and experience all that Shelby has to offer.

Shelby has a proven history of successful businesses that have managed not only to grow but strive. Associated Brands is one of those success stories opened 30 years ago. Takeform Architectural Graphics has been able to grow tremendously, and after years in the business was able to open a much larger, brand new location.  More recently Pride Pak has opened a new location in the Town of Shelby in November 2016 expanding their Canadian location in Medina, NY in the Medina Business Park.

Bringing your business to Shelby will give you the peace of a small town with that added benefit of Town support and the ability to grow your business.

Medina Business Park